Womenfolk block road to hinder preparation for power sub-station inaugurations


CHURACHANDPUR, December 28: The proposed inauguration of two power sub-stations by the State Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh at two places namely at Tipaimuk and at Thanlon Assembly Constituencies tomorrow has been a big concern in the district with womenfolk targeting to hamper the inauguration, which they consider is the work of the ‘anti-tribal government of Manipur.

It may be recalled that the JAC, CCpur in a press release issued yesterday had stated that the sub-power plant stations had been ready for inauguration since four years, but now the government is planning to inaugurate them now so as to coax the tribal or hills people by projecting the State government as pro-poor which had been vehemently opposed by many apart from the JAC.

The MLAs who are anti-people of the hills had been channelling their way to connect with the people whom they had betrayed and we will stay the night out to stop the officials, other than those who will come flying on a helicopter led by the Chief Minister to attend the anti-tribal and decisive appeasement policy, when the nine victims of their bias bills are still at the district hospital morgue, the women folks who had stationed themselves solemnly guarding the exit road to the inauguration venues told IFP.

Many women folks had stationed themselves at three major points, the Pearson main junction of Tipaimukh Road, the point at Lanva River bridge located at New Lanka and at the Mata area’s Mohan Junction and more importantly at the village of Mata Mualtam in a bid to stop officials from reaching the inauguration venues.

It is learnt that some top law enforcement agencies managed to escape however, many including security forces, medical team and sound equipment for tomorrow’s function have been blocked by the womenfolk since early morning.

A leader of the group on conditions of anonymity said we will not compromise our stand make it very hard for the officials who had gone against the JAC diktat.


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