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Temporary market shed completion will be over my dead body: Joykishan

IMPHAL, January 20: “The Chief Minister may be out for blood, let him take mine. The new construction of the temporary market shed will be completed over my dead body.” MLA of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency Kh Joykishan told reporters today.

Addressing a press meet at his Thangmeiband residence today, Joykishan said that he had already sent feelers to the market regarding the construction of the temporary market shed.

He said that nearly all the women vendors want the market to be located at a nearby place –however somewhere which is less congested and not at the present Thangal Bazaar entrance. “Why can’t the Ibobi government choose a place near the Tombisana High School or near the Sahid Minar area, these places are less crowded? Thangal bazaar is already congested and even with a 15 feet space for traffic to pass, where will the shoppers stand, they could get hit by a passing vehicle anytime,” he said adding that there is no proper planning of the State government.

Joykishan further stated that he harbours no ill intent against the women vendors and is concerned for the public welfare.

“I have been targeted as I belong to a different political party, the CM is politically biased and there are many who would rejoice when my workers are hurt. But, I am ready to sacrifice myself if Ibobi demands blood.”

He announced that he also requested TAKDO to refrain from imposing any more strikes in view of the upcoming Imoinu and Gan-Ngai festivities.

But, on January 23, he himself will lead the protest and go to Thangal bazaar construction area to protest, he said.

“Let me be arrested or jailed, I will be at the forefront and I will not let this temporary market construction as long as I am alive,” he said.

Further, Joykishan said that no one supports the construction of the temporary shed , and confided that he was not informed by the State government decision in any manner before commencing construction.

The MLA was at Bengaluru when the work started and came back on January 16.



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