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“As elected representatives mandated by our people, we are doing what is our responsibility”: Nuklutoshi

KOHIMA, Feb 27 (NEPS): Minister for National Highways and Mechanical Engineering, Nuklutoshi reiterated that the “unity” among all the sections of the Naga people was prerequisite towards finding a final and lasting solution to the longstanding complex Naga political issue.
Disclosing this at Kohima on Saturday, the Minister, who was part of the 19-Member Parliamentary Working Committee (PWC) of Nagaland that recently met various leaders of National Political parties and NSCN (IM) leaders at Delhi, said they told Th Muivah, General Secretary, NSCN (IM) and their other high profile functionaries that for any “final settlement to the longstanding Naga political issue,” all the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) should be involved in the process.
“We told him and their senior leaders that in order to have a final settlement to the longstanding Naga political issue once and for all, all the Naga Political Groups should be involved,” he asserted. “Because our stand is very clear that any solution should be total and not a piecemeal one.”
The Minister also quoted what Muivah was replying to them that he was ready and willing to “forgive and forget” the past mistakes and wanted to move forward in the name of God.
With regard to meetings with the leaders of various National Political parties at Delhi, the Minister said they met them at Delhi and sought their support as and when the “Naga peace process reaches for a final solution once and for all.”
“So we as elected representatives mandated by our people are doing what is our responsibility,” Nuklutoshi said and further disclosed that they respected all the NPGs and also their stands for the final solution of the Naga political issue with the Government of India.
Although they (Nagaland legislators) were only “facilitator and not stakeholder” to the Naga peace process, he stated that they as Naga legislators representing their people and with their “mandate” had the “right to work for peace and development.” “So our understanding is that unless the Naga issue is resolved, no peace will be there in our land. And once such understanding is there and start working in that direction, our future will not suffer,” he pointed out.
So instead of criticizing and fault-finding, they all should work together for “unity” of the Naga people. “It is not only our (Naga legislators) responsibility but also the responsibility of every single Naga to work for unity and solution for the Naga political issue when the door is open by the Government of India,” he stated.
Stressing the importance of having unity among the Naga Civil Societies, Nuklutoshi said when they could not unite, “how can we expect NPGs to unite.”
Also calling upon the Naga younger generations to be aware of the Naga political issue because “their future is doomed if the Naga political issue is not resolved today,” the Minister asserted that every single Naga must be “an agent for the unity of the Nagas because only through unity, we will be able to solve the Naga political issue.”
He, however, explained that 100% unity among the Naga people might not be possible but they should hold 100% consultations among the Nagas before any final settlement to the Naga political issue was arrived at. “All 100% Nagas may agree or may not agree to such consultations but 100% consultations are needed,” he pointed out.
“By solving the Naga issue, peace will prevail in their land and only peace can attract investments and industrialists to our land,” he said. “And only through investments and industries in our land, development can come in and that will solve almost all issues confronting them.”



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