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Burial of nine tribal martyrs on February 13: KNO

CHURACHANDPUR, February 9: Following a deliberate discussion on February 7, the KNO and the UPF have decided to bury the nine tribal martyrs with full honour on February 13, and the two groups will take full responsibility, said KNO president PS Haokip today.

Speaking at the office of the CCpur JAC at the KKL complex, he said after almost 30 years of taking up guns for self-determination, the government had only recently taken cognisance of our demands and had signed the tri-partied agreement Suspension of Operation with the Centre and State governments which has been continuing for around seven years now.

He said different outfits had differences, but the UPF and the KNO have been constantly discussing for a common platform for unity for a political solution.

This has been facilitated by the passing of the three bills by the State Assembly which however has costs nine lives, he said.

He said on February 7, the UPF and the KNO had discussed the issues at hand and following the long deliberation on the goods and bad of burying the nine tribal martyrs, the two have decided to bury the nine with full honour on February 13 for which the two umbrella groups will take full responsibility.

UPF chairman ST Thangboi Kipgen who was also at the meeting said when we talk about the collective demand of the UPF and the KNO for autonomy, we have to be united.

He said we are now bounded by the tribal martyrs and the people should take the responsibility to carry forward their sacrifice.

Individual and one group’s interest will not lead us anywhere, we need to be united, he said.

He said it is time for a fitting burial of the nine. He also asked people to stop interpreting the good works of others in a negative manner.



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