CCpur tense as those opposing burial of martyrs stand guard at mortuary


CHURACHANDPUR, February 13: A highly volatile situation was witnessed today in Lamka as people opposing the decision to bury the nine tribal martyrs today stood guard at the Churachandpur District Hospital morgue where the nine bodies are still kept.

The UPF and the KNO along with other organisations had jointly announced on February 9 that the nine will be buried on February 13.

Apprehending that the two Suspension of Operation groups and their supporters will come with the aid of security personnel to take away the nine corpse from the morgue today, people from all walks of life gathered near the district hospital morgue.

Those opposing the burial had already announced a shut-down of the district since February 11. Since then, their supporters had kept vigils at all major intersections of the town.

The volunteers including womenfolk constantly shouted slogans supporting sustenance of the tribal unity in the State and not to bury the nine until the demand for separate administration is achieved.

Convenor of the JAC against the Anti-tribal bills H Mangchinkhup and members of the Autonomous District Council Churachandpur including CT Lian Guite, EM ADC Churachandpur Thangkhosuanmung Guite also came to the gathering at the district hospital.

ADC Churachandpur chairman Langkhanpau Guite addressing the gathering spoke about dedication, honesty and perseverance to achieve the goal of the present movement.

He said “We have the JAC to lead us and let’s support them as they are the one spearheading the present movement.”

He said sustaining the movement is of utmost importance.

“I am happy with the way our youth is taking serious initiative in this fight with responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Thangzamuan who is one of the three caring for the nine tribal martyrs in the morgue said “We have organised a bandh in opposition to the diktat of the UPF/ KNO which have failed to take the opinions of the stakeholders participating in the movement.”

The other two companions of Thanzamuan are Pausonlian and Joseph Muante Khuptong

Although the total shutdown was supposed to be only till midnight today, sources said the guard duty at the district hospital morgue will continue till further decision on the same.


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