Gaikhangam stresses on importance of spiritual well being


IMPHAL, February 8: Every religion has their own spiritual belief. There is only one God with different names according to different languages and ethnicity. This was stated by Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam while inaugurating the Healing and Miracle Crusade at the Bheigyachandra Open Air Theatre.

Gaikhangam said if people of all the different religions promptly follow the spiritual beliefs of their religion, the world would be more peaceful and there will be no occurrence of the unwanted incidents in our society.

The programme which will continue for four days is being organised by The Ministry of Reconciliation Church with Dr C Alam as the main speaker.

The well-come address was delivered by pastor Mano Oinam while rev S Paul Ibobi offered the opening prayer.

In his speech, Gaikhangam who was the chief guest said in today’s world be it a Christian, Muslim or Hindu, the number of devout followers is very less.

He said we are today unable to follow God’s message.

Gaikhangam said despite of all the differences in the name of religion, language and ethnicity, if people follow the values of their religion there would be more peace and prosperity in the society.

The foundation of a society is the spiritual value of the people living in the society, he observed.

If the foundation is not strong, the structure will not last long, he said appealing to all people to understand and follow their own spiritual values.


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