Leingangching bodies irked by poor quality of PHSC


IMPHAL, February 2: The Dulkseloon Athletics, Sports and Cultural Organisation (DASCO) and the Leingangching Youth Club, Chandel, drawing the attention of the authority concerned to cease the ongoing construction work of PHSC building at Leingangching village, claiming that the quality of work is substandard and defied the work orders.

In a statement jointly signed by the president and general secretary of the organisations, it revealed that the work order it allotted to one M/S N.S Enterprises, Wahengbam Leikai, Khangabam Leirak Imphal.

The foundation of the PHSC building besides being substandard it is too small and it has only four rooms instead of 10 rooms as mentioned in the work order, it said.

The work is under taken by two sub-contractors namely Ranjit Ningthoubung Leikai Khurai and Chingkhupmang Zou Sugnu Zouveng village who reportedly purchased the work order by 10 percent of the estimated cost from the concerned Minister Health and Family Welfare Manipur.

The DASCO, urged the state government to take an appropriate and stern action to the said sub contractors Ranjit and Chingkhupmang Zou adding that the work should be ceased until further action is taken up and without negotiation with DASCO, the Leingangching Youth Club.

It informed that necessary preparation has been made to lodge a complaint to the central government as well as the state governor that the building could be detrimental in case of an earthquake.

It warned that in case of failure to response from the part of the authority concerned the DASCO would resort to take extreme steps like taking up agitation.


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