NSF ban on Meitei vehicles unfortunate: M Asnikumar


IMPHAL, February 24: The ban on Manipur vehicles imposed by the Naga Students Federation in Naga populated areas is unfortunate, BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary M Asnikumar who is in the national capital told IFP over the phone today.

He said the government should bring an amicable solution to the issue at the earliest.

Asnikumar continued since the ban on Manipur vehicles more than several loaded and empty trucks are said to be presently stranded at hanbung and Mayangkhang.

He said the BJP feels sad that the NSF leaders had to receive force frisking of the Manipur Police commandos; however, it would have been better if the blame was put on the government and not on the public especially the Meiteis.

This ban is unfortunate and should not have been called, he said.

The incident was caused by some individuals for which the NSF could have charged the police, but taking such a communal approach to it is unfortunate, he said.

He said the BJP has already informed the Central leaders about the issue today.

He continued such actions which could ignite a communal flare up should not be taken up.

Everyone should not forget that Manipur is a multi-ethnic society inhabited by Meiteis, Nagas, Kukis who cannot be separated, he added.

He further said the State government must initiate immediate steps to resolve the inconvenience faced by the truckers in Naga inhabited areas.

Asnikumar also reacted against the statements of Nagaland and Mizoram Chief Ministers made during the recent Lui Ngai Ni festival in Ukhrul and said the statements were made against Manipur’s territorial integrity.

He said the CMs of the two neighbouring States have no business in the State’s administration and welfare issues.

The two have shown their immaturity and uncultured behaviour of their States, he said.


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