Posters in Jadavpur University: ‘Freedom’ for Kashmir, Manipur, Nagaland


KOLKATA: A day after pro-Afzal Guru slogans were raised in Jadavpur University (JU), posters calling for ‘freedom’ for Kashmir, Manipur and Nagaland were found in the campus on Wednesday even as two rival groups of students brought out rallies in the varsity premises.

“Hum kya chahe – Azadi. Kashmir ki Azadi. Manipur ki Azadi. Nagaland ki Azadi (We demand freedom. Kashmir’s freedom. Manipur’s freedom. Nagaland’s freedom),” one of the posters said.
Jadavpur University west Bengal
All such posters were signed by a group called ‘RADICAL’.

“These are some fringe elements. I met the students union leaders in the morning and they told me that they disassociate themselves with all anti-national slogans,” vice chancellor Suranjan Das said.

“As a Vice Chancellor, it is my responsibility to see that the students get their right to protest, their freedom of speech and expression is protected,” he said.

On whether the university would make any police complaint on this issue, he said the question did not arise.

“In university, the police has no role. I will never call police in the campus,” Das said.

Source: TOI


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