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RPF greets people on 37th Independence Demand Day

IMPHAL, February 24: The proscribed outfit Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has extended greetings to the people of the State on the occasion of 37th Foundation Day of the outfit, which is also observed as Independence Demand Day.

President of RPF Irengbam Chaoren in a statement issued to the press today also saluted all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the revolutionary movement.

It stated that absence of political security and non-progressive socio-economic conditions which characterize contemporary Manipuri society are outcomes of the forceful and illegitimate annexation of Manipur by India.

The existing Indo-Manipur relation must be modified and changed if Manipur must be freed from the detrimental socio-economic and political conditions. Rather than preaching peace and socio-economic security among the people of Manipur, Government of India should end their colonial rule over the State and create conducive atmosphere under which Manipur can once again exist as a sovereign country, it asserted.

Until and unless, the Indian colonial rule is uprooted from the soil of Manipur, peace and sense of security will remain an illusion. At the same time, Indo-Manipur conflict will only rise and this may ultimately lead to catastrophic war between people of the two countries, the statement said.

Categorically stating that India should not commit the blunder of perceiving the liberation movement of Manipur as an internal issue which can be resolved within their constitution, the outfit said the issue is a political conflict between two countries and sovereignty of Manipur forms the core of the conflict.

It contended that presently Government of India has been actively engaging in creating chaotic socio-political conditions among the masses apart from sowing seeds of discord and confrontation among different communities with the primary objective of suppressing the liberation movement of Manipur.

Sowing seeds of discord and creating divisions, and conflicts amongst the many ethnic groups is a major strategy of GOI for suppressing the liberation movement of Manipur, the outfit pointed out.

It maintained that in the name of development, super-rich capitalist people have already started acquiring total control over the State’s natural resources, mountains, lakes, rivers, agricultural lands, forests, underground minerals, oil and gas.

By claiming that there are more than 70 revolutionary groups in the so called North East region, GOI was trying to vindicate massive militarization and imposition of black laws like AFSPA in WESEA. But today more and more people across the world have started realizing that Thangjam Manorama, Rabina, Sanjit and more than 1528 other people were killed in fake encounters in Manipur. All these repressive measures have convinced youths to take up arms and fight for freedom of the oppressed masses, the statement stated.

Saying that time has come for the people to unite together and fight collectively against the colonial rule, the outfit said all the communities settled together in the State can live with dignity when the people wake up and understand the political reality.



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