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Allegations against Aimol Satu Village baseless: ATUM

THOUBAL, March 1: The Aimol Tribe Union Manipur has condemned allegations that assistant teacher Thongkhogin Haokip of Molnom Village was killed in Aimol Satu Village as baseless.

The ATUM also said that it condole the sudden death of the assistant teacher who was loved and respected by the Aimol community especially the Satu villagers.

Speaking at a press conference held today at Kakching Lamkhai, secretary in charge of the union S Bunte Aimol claimed on the February 29, a large group of men and women numbering more than 400 persons from Molnoi area armed with sticks, rods and guns and instigated by the UKLF stormed the Aimol Satu village creating chaos and fear among the villagers.

The communal minded group damaged the village gates and burnt many houses, three vehicles and killed many domesticated animals including pigs, geese and dogs in the presence of State security personnel, he charged.

The Aimol Satu villagers for no fault of theirs had to flee from the village fearing an outbreak of communal clash, he claimed.

He further added that the fleeing villagers are now under their assistance.

He further requested the State government to look into the matter and provide necessary materials for the displaced villagers.

He said the Aimol Tribe Union, Manipur strongly condemned the arson committed by the group and the allegation that Thongkhogin was killed in Aimol Satu as baseless and requested all concerned to withdraw the allegations levelled.

Bunte Aimol also appreciated the helps of CSOs, NGOs, individuals and government authorities who intervened and further requested them to solve the misunderstanding peacefully.



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