Apunba Lup demands justice and to book the real perpetrators in Rabina-Sanjit killing


IMPHAL, March 20: The individuals who are responsible for the murder of Ch Sanjit and Th Rabina must be booked and justice should be done in this case at the earliest.

This was reiterated by the Working Committee of the Apunba Lup which has been demanding the State and its machinery to not try to cover up the case but rather work to bring out the real culprits responsible for the Khwairamband bazaar incident which occurred on July 23, 2009.

A press release by the Apunba Lup said that the present situation in which the case is being tackled, is not in the interest of the public and rather seems a delaying tactic, there has been fake encounter cases like the July 23 incident in other States of India and convictions have been given by the Court accordingly to the concerned perpetrators.

However, no substantive action has been taken up by the State judiciary to book the concerned culprits and the CBI also should further investigate the case and supplementary charge sheet should be framed , Apunba Lup demanded.

Hence, the Government of India, the Law Court and CBI should work in the interest of the public of the State, if not, it amounts that the government is trying to fool the public.

It also questioned the motive of why the legislatures are keeping quiet over this serious matter.

The state should safeguard constable Herojit as he is the person who has brought out the real facts of the case and further there are various questions being asked by the public in this regard such as ‘Why the CBI is silent, why the judiciary is silent, where are the 60 MLAs, what is the nexus between CBI, judiciary and legislatures, we are questioning you! Answer now before its too late,’ the release mentioned.

It mentioned further that there has been much turmoil in the land following the fake encounters and that it is known from the photographic evidence which appeared in Tehelka magazine that Ch Sanjit was killed in cold blood.

Constable Herojit had also owned up his action and implicated the additional SP then of giving the order to kill Sanjit.

The name of the then DGP and present Chief Minister was taken by the additional SP.

The Apunba Lup states further that the CBI had also assured of taking up further investigation if Herojit sticks to his stance and tell the truth.

Union Home minister had also asked for the action taken in the July 2009 incident and assured that the Centre will also take up remedial action. Minister of Home Affairs, Kiren Rejiju has assured of giving protection to constable Herojit for further progression of the case and in the larger interest of the public.

The National Human Rights Commission has also asked for a report in this case.

It is known that the State Government then had been informed by the state police then in 2009 about the killing of Sanjit.

Then, the Manipur Assembly sitting was in progress, the matter was justified by the CM then by saying ‘ hatpa nattana upai leitae’which translates that ‘to kill is the only resort left.’

The public knows that there has been numerous fake encounters in the past but the Sanjit- Rabina is a tell tale fake encounter that the public knows, it said.


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