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BJP MP demands proper demarcation of Indo-Myanmar border based on satellite mapping

IMPHAL, March 9: BJP MP Prahlad Singh Patel who also in-charge of Manipur has raise the Indo-Myanmar border issue demanding a proper demarcation of the disputed Indo-Myanmar border base on technology of Satellite Mapping in the zero hour of today’s Parliament session, said Ch Chidananda National Executive BJYM in-charge Nagaland.

In an exclusive briefing over phone Ch Chidananda who is now staying at New Delhi lauded the MP for his due concern over the burning issue of Manipur raised during the Parliament session.

He said that Prahlad drawing the attention of the house demanded for a proper demarcation of the disputed border claiming that the issue has always been a tricky one for the fact that the territory between the two country are clamped each other thereby claiming each other’s territory.

Patel further mentioned that many successive governments have failed to resolve the issue amicably with Myanmar.

At the same time, he raised his concerned about that fact that if the ongoing border fencing works are being continued according to the plan India will be facing a territorial loss of about 1000 square Kilometer and as a result the inhabitants of around 5000 people are going to be miss the Indian Citizenships in the state of Manipur, told Ch Chidananda.

Prahlad has urged the government to immediately intervene in the matter to solve the confusion prevailing on the Boarder Pillars and take up the border fencing work at the Indo-Myanmar in the state of Manipur, further added the BJP executive.

It is the right time to look into the matter by the central government with due care for it has cause a matter of grave concern for the people of Manipur, said Chidananda quoting the MP before adding that the fencing should be continued after a proper demarcation.



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