I tendered resignation against faulty system, says MPS officer


IMPHAL, March 14: Clearing the controversy surrounding her tendered resignation, deputy superintendent of Police posted at the 9th Mahila Battalion, MPS Thounaojam Brinda clarified that she had tendered her resignation in protest against what she described “faulty system”.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, Brinda explained that her tendering resignation was nothing to do with the recent confession of head constable Herojit on Sanjit’s killing. Although, she admitted that it somehow hastened her intention to resign.

“I have tendered my resignation because the organisation (police department) does not have trust in me as I am the daughter-in-law of Sanayaima (UNLF leader RK Meghen). In this environment, I cannot continue to work in the department,” Brinda told reporters.

This is the first time the MPS officer has opened up before the media regarding her resignation letter, which she had submitted to the Director General of Police LM Khaute citing “personal and family” reasons on Republic Day this year.

Brinda joined the police service after the Imphal bench of Guahati High Court directed the State government to give her the appointment letter, as she had cleared the MCSCCE.

She moved the court after the government failed to issue her appointment letter citing that she is the daughter-in-law of Sanayaima. She joined the service in April 2013.

Thounaojam Brinda further revealed that a committee was set up by the State Home department to enquire into her resignation letter.

However, it is learnt that there is no report of acceptance of her resignation till date.

It has been informed that the committee has sent her (Brinda) three summon letters to hear the reason for her resignation yet she did not appear before committee claiming the formation of the committee to be unsatisfactory.

“The committee set up by the government in connection with my resignation is not neutral. Therefore, I did not appear before it. If a neutral committee is constituted I am ready to appear before it and explain the reason behind my resignation,” Brinda said.

Regretting that her resignation was directly linked to Herojit’s confession, Brinda said that it is not so as many perceives.

“Yes, indeed Herojit is a relative and his confession hastened my intention to resign. Before approaching the media Herojit made the first disclosure to me” she claimed.

Spelling out that there were several reasons for her decision to resign, she said the irregularities in the functioning of sections of the police organisation was one of them.

Brinda also said there is no question of withdrawing her resignation.


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