NSCN(IM) refutes school teacher killing charges


IMPHAL, March 1: The NSCN(IM) has denounced the allegation made against it for the death of an assistant teacher in Chandel.

The caretaker, Khurmi Region of the NSCN(IM) in a statement has denounced the allegations made against the outfit and said it is neither involved not have anything to do with the incident.

The statement said the caretaker Khurmi region has also advised UKLF not to indulge in tribalism amongst indigenous people in the region. Peace will prevail only when one’s identity is respected, it said.

It said the civil organisations should not resort to cheap politics by alleging the outfit as the cause of the death without proper verification.

The statement further said it is a baseless allegation with a view to tarnish the image of the outfit.

The outfit is engaged in serious talk with the GoI, resulting to mutual ceasefire agreement and framework agreement, it said adding that it is abiding by the ground rules of the ceasefire.

The statement also said that history is living testimony proving Aimol tribe as Naga from time immemorial and what’s wrong in their decision to stand as Naga.

It has further charged ADC member D Chanthoi Aimol with vested interest projecting Aimol as neutral tribe creating controversy.

He is the cause and sole responsible for all mayhems in the neighbourhood, it said

It said the outfit also strongly condemn the bias attitude of the State forces stating that NSCN never shot a single bullet nor it collaborated with the Assam Rifles as alleged.

It said it was rather the State force incoherence with villagers of Molnom and Molnoi that opened indiscriminate fire at Satu Aimol Village causing the vilagers including children to flee to safer place.

It further charged that with the villagers gone, the mob vandalised and burnt down the houses and few vehicles with police protection. The State forces duty is to secure safet of common people irrespective of tribes or region, it said and adding that assisting a group of people against another is condemnable.


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