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Prosecution director opines to have regular director

IMPHAL, March 4: Retired Director Prosecution Ng Tejkumar today urged the government to appoint a competent regular director prosecution following his retirement on March 1.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club today, Tejkumar said following his retirement, the law secretary has been made the in charge of the post.

He said the post is an important post and it should be allotted to a competent person.

He said from the beginning of 2015 till his retirement, he had allowed charge-sheets of 91 cases relating to rape and POCSO for speedy trial.

He said he had also allowed 741 charge-sheets of other serious nature cases.

In the absence of a director prosecution all such will not be possible, he added.

Abstract from the code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 section 25A clause 3 states that ‘The Head of the Directorate of Prosecution shall be the Director of Prosecution, who shall function under the administrative control of the Head of the Home Department in the State’ with effect from 23 June 2006. He further opined the need to have a regular Director Prosecution who is not less than the rank of an IGP and said that this can be adopted after a cabinet decision.



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