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Southern Senapati Union disapproves creation of Jiribam, Sadar Hills districts

KANGPOKPI, March 17: Amidst the growing vocal against the proposed creation of two new districts in Jiribam and Sadar Hills, more bodies have joined the chorus against such creation if the proposed creation of the district will disturb the land boundaries and ancestral demarcations.

A statement issued by the Southern Tahamzam (Senapati) Naga Union, Manipur has accused the Ibobi led Congress government of promoting ethnic division by planning to approve the creation of Jiribam and Sadar Hills districts.

The STNU recalled that it is a known fact that a large chunk of land in the proposed districts are owned and occupied, since time immemorial by various indigenous Naga tribes such as Zeliangrong, Inpuis, Tangkhuls, Thangals, Paomais, Maos, Marams, Marings, Chirus, Aimols, Kharams etc.

Approving for such creation under duress from some underground elements to appease some communities by carving out land without the consent of the indigenous is against their interest and, violation of their basic rights over their land, it said.

Per se, it is a communal stratagem to incite ethnic hostilities among different communities residing in the present two sub-divisions, it added.

Further, the STNU, Manipur, reiterated, it is committed to protecting their rights, identity, land and its resources, tradition and its people.

Therefore, it is to make known to all that, no force on earth will be allowed to carve/disintegrate our ancestral land to yield appeasement to some section of communities whatsoever, it said.

However, STNU (M) asserted that it will honor every diligent steps strived for lasting communal harmony in the present two sub-divisions in the long run.



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