Don’t make mistake by examining student only during exam, says AMGSU


KANGPOKPI, April10: All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union inspected two Government education institutions at Kanglatongbi and Charhajare on April 9.

The inspection team led by the union general secretary, L.B. Adhikari visited Government Hindi High School, Kanglatongbi and Bishnulal Government High School, Charhajare.

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the inspection, LB. Adhikari lamented that two language teachers at Governmet Hindi High School, Kanglatongbi were found irregular in their duties as per information collected from the attendance

He contended that the ratio of existing students and teachers are beyond the Government norms.

He said that the school administration is facing tremendous hardship to manage the huge numbers of students due to lack of four/five Graduate teachers in the school prompting the students to complain about the non-availability of drinking water even though large storage water reservoirs have been constructed at the school campus.

The inspection team expressed disappointment over teachers and students of Bishnulal Government High School, Charhajare, who were found sitting crowdedly due to non-availability of sufficient desks and benches.

Adhikari said the school authority borrowed plastic chairs from local club for the staff due to lack of basic infrastructures like tables and chairs for the teaching staffs.

He also said that due to non-posting of language teacher in the school, many intending and aspiring students of MIL subjects including Nepali, Thadou-Kuki and additional subjects such as Commerce, Hr. Maths, Home Science and Computer Science have been enduring a tough time.

He continued that the kitchen allotted for Mid Day meal was damaged by the recent earthquake and it is now in a condition of falling at anytime but the concerned authority remains a mute spectator despite repeated complaints forwarded by the DMDC Headmaster.

He further said due to non-appointment of new Chowkidar even after two years of the school Chowkidar’s demise, the headmaster has to ring the school bell.

Drawing the attention of the State government and the concerned authority; the students’ union appealed to the government and Education Department to take the matter seriously before the union resorts to democratic forms of agitation for the welfare of the students’ community particularly in the hill areas.

The union also asked the District Administration and concerned department to check such problems in the school from grassroots level so as to avoid reprehensible mistake by checking the students only during exams in the examination hall.

“Students have to be checked and examined not only inside the examination hall during examination but they have to be observed along with their needs in their respective school as well”, Adhikari noted.

He urged to adopt the habit of visiting every school to deliver the basic needs and modern facilities especially in the government schools from the beginning of session annually

Appealing to the teachers’ community to be punctual and regular in their duties, he warned that such inspection will be carried out time to time especially in the government schools.


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