Frequent Tml DC’s posting draws flak


IMPHAL, April 10: Tamenglong Village Chief’s Association has drawn the attention of the State government towards the plight of the people of Tamenglong district due to frequent posting of non-local as Deputy Commissioner of the district as most of the non-local DCs are able to communicate only in English and Hindi languages.

In a statement, the association said Tamenglong being a backward district needs a highly committed and sincere local officer as DC who could interact with the local people in their dialect and also who understand the needs and grievance of the local people.

Previous DC of the district who spoke only English and Hindi could not fare well during their stint as DC due to communication gap with the local people. This has resulted in hampering of building good rapport with district administration and the local populace, it stated.

Making it clear that non-local English and Hindi speaking official should not be posted as DC of Tamenglong, the association said that non-performing DCs from other districts should not be dumped inTamenglong as if the district is a dumping site for rejected and incompetent officers of the State.

In the event of the transfer and posting of non-local English and Hindi speaking officer as DC of Tamenglong district, the association said that it would not remain as a mute spectator rather it would take up various forms of democratic agitations.

The State government should be held responsible for any untoward incidents arise thereof.


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