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Gangpikon VA clarifies on abduction and killing of driver

KANGPOKPI, April 20: Gangpikon Village Authority today clarified over the accusation leveled against the village in connection with the abduction and subsequent killing of a JCB driver whose decomposed body was recovered near Lhangnom village recently.The village chief, N Lunkim clarified that the main suspect in the abduction and killing of PA Chinaoshang was expelled and turn out of the village on October 15, 2015 in accordance with the resolutions of the village authority adopted against him for repeatedly disobeying the VA order to refrain from unlawful activities and is no longer a resident of Gangpikon village.

He continued that a police investigation team led by OC Litan PS had come to the village on April 7 in connection with the abduction of PA Chinaoshang and ascertained the fact that Thangkholun Khongsai was in fact expelled from the village while the dismantled residence house of Thangkholun Khongsai was shown to the police team as a proof.

He further said that Bungpi-Sanakeithel Area Peace and Development Committee also reiterated the fact that Thangkholun Khongsai is no longer a resident of Gangpikon Village in its meeting held at KS. Mollen on April 17 and conveyed the fact to the TNL Authority in its joint meeting held on April 18.

‘I earnestly plead to all concerned not to implicate the village over the abduction and murder of PA. Chinaoshang because of Thangkholun Khongsai who is genuinely no longer a resident of my village”, urged Gangpikon chief.

While condemning the devilish and inhumane act, Gangpikon VA also shared the pain and grief of the bereaved family and urged the State government to arrest the perpetrators at the earliest and punish them befittingly in the most extreme form as per law of the land.



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