Moirang councillors injured in police action


BISHNUPUR, April 21: Five councilors of the Moirang Municipal Council including its chairperson were injured in police action to control an altercation during a proposed distribution of ration cards for the Food Security Act of 12 wards of the Municipal Council today.

The incident occurred around 2:14pm at the Moirang SDO office complex.

Sources said a publicity campaign was conducted this morning around 10 announcing that FSA ration cards will be distributed today.

According to local sources, around 2pm when the MLA and the SDO were waiting at the Moirang Kiyam Purit Mandop to distribute the cards, as an official team along with the police were dispatch to collect the cards from the SDO office, councilors of six wards who were present at the office complex demanded that they were not informed before hand and the cards cannot be distributed for only the six other wards.

They asserted that even if the cards were to be distributed it had to be through the councilors, resulting in a huge altercation, the sources maintain.

In order to control the mob, around 2:10 pm the police fired tear gas shells during which Moirang Municipal Council chairperson from Ward No 12 M Romibala, councilor Ward no 6 K Premila, councilor Ward No 7 H Bishe Devi, Ward no 3 councillor M Ibemcha, Ward No 8 councillor M Premila and three other supporters were injured and had to be taken to RIMS.


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