PFI threatens stir against Govt apathy


IMPHAL, April 1: The Popular Front of India, (PFI) Manipur state has threatened to launch intense form of agitation if the state Government remains indifferent to the demand of the Front’s demand to bring to book police commandos involved in assault and looting of a trader from Lilong.

Speaking to media persons, Benjamin M Shah, media incharge of the Front, claimed that on October 21 last, Atawar Rehman, 29, was beaten up badly by four police commandos at the old assembly road before robbing rupees 6 Lakhs from him.

The incident occurred around 11 am in the morning while Rehman was on his way to Thangal bazaar to deal with his business matter, said Shah adding that Rehman also possessed Rupees 6 Lakhs.

The same day an FIR was lodge at the city police station, he said adding that several memorandum has been submitted to the Chief Minister drawing his attention to intervene in the matter.

In the memorandum the PFI appealed the Chief Minister to book the perpetrator involved in the incident and award befitting punishment, he said.

Almost six months has lapsed, there has been no positive response from the Government, said Shah.

There have been many similar incidents of police brutality committed by the state forces which has never been done justice to, asserted Shah.

Given the circumstances, the PFI questioned the intention of the Government towards the minority community.

Even as the PFI is against causing hardship and inconveniences to the public by imposing strikes, bandh etc, the Government has tested our (PFI) patience, he said.

Maintaining that PFI is left with no choice but resort to take extreme steps, Shah threatened to launch intense form of agitation from April 7 if the Government fail to give any positive response by April 6.


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