Singat ex-MLA questions incumbent MLA’s work in constituency


CHURACHANDPUR, April 16: In what could be the first election related event in Behiang area ahead of the 2017 State General Assembly Election, ex MLA of 60 Singat A/C T Hangkhanpau today inaugurated his Behiang Area Workers Meet 2016 at Simveng Churachandpur which was attended by people from different villages of the area.

Addressing his workers, he said let the incumbent MLA list all he has done so far for the area other than blame his predecessor (Hangkhanpau).

Attacking the Congress, the BJP active member said, “If the Congress come back to power, the people’s woe will only get doubled.”

He said “What have the Congress government done for the State in such a long time?”

“Why is the present MLA of Singat who claims to be close with the Chief Minister and a wealthy person himself yet to do his work like black toppings of roads which I had already initiated?” he asked.

He further appealed to the workers to look forward and face the election.

Hangkhanpau, who was expelled from the post of BJP Manipur vice president on September 11, 2014 but was recalled by the BJP in charge of Manipur Prahlad Singh Patel, also attacked the present BJP Manipur president and claimed “I am not happy with the present president of BJP Manipur Th Chaoba because during the last MP election, he didn’t act on his promises and BJP ended miserably in the election.”

Prahlad Singh Patel was the one who reinstated me in the party and not Chaoba, he said.

He further charged Choaba of having vested interest.

Meanwhile, during a press meet held later, Hangkhanpau said there is no other potential BJP candidate in the constituency at the present other than himself.

He said if he gets elected again he will remedy all the wrongs that have been made in the past.

Answering to a question regarding his confidence of being given the party ticket, the ex-MLA said Chaoba will not be a hindrance to his candidature from Singat of any other constituency in the hill districts.

He said Chaoba has no say in the hill districts, particularly in Churachandpur as he was responsible for the recent flop show in the recent ADC Churachandpur election.

Further attacking the president BJP Manipur president, Hangkhanpau said the loss in the ADC election was compensated by the municipal elections in the valley, but the party managed to win only because Chaoba was not given any chance as in the ADC candidates’ selection.

He further said if any deserving individual come forward and make a serious claim for the BJP ticket in the constituency and if the individual has the blessings of the central leadership of the party, he would support the individual as an active and obedient member of the party.

A press hand-out issued by the ex MLA’s Behiang Area Workers Meet 2016 signed by chairman Kaisuanlal and secretary Hausuanlal has asserted their support for the ex MLA.


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