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Tremor of Myanmar quake felt at Kangpokpi, several houses affected

KANGPOKPI, April 14: Tremor of the 6.9 magnitude Earthquake that strike Myanmar yesterday was also felt at Kangpokpi and several residential houses at Upper Kalapahar in Kangpokpi AC have been affected.

Residents of Kangpokpi ran out on the street out of fear when a tremor was felt at around 7:25 pm.

However, no major damaged have reported till filing of this report.

Meanwhile, several residential houses were partially damaged at Upper Kalapahar under Kangpokpi AC in yesterday tremor including those partially damaged during the January 4 earthquake which has been further damaged yesterday night.

Apart from the earlier partially damaged houses more than 10 residential houses including a temple and a Govt. school has been damaged by the tremor yesterday night.

Though there is no major damaged most of the houses constructed with a mixture of mud and stone developed crack and split on the floor and wall while some walls in the interior of several house were seen collapsed.

A team of Gorkha youths including members of Kalapahar and Upper Kalapahar Gorkha Youth Club led by Milan Pradhan, President Kalapahar Gorkha Youth Club, who is also the Congress candidate in recent ADC Sadar Hills Election from Kalapahar DCC and Raghu Gautam, President, Upper Kalapahar Gorkha Youth Club visit the affected houses at Upper Kalapahar this afternoon.

Anandi Shor Shiva Mandil, Upper Kalapahar which was inaugurated recently developed huge cracks on the floor while it’s Mandal where the Pandit shelter also developed cracks on the wall.

Upper Kalapahar aided UJB School also developed cracks on the wall of the teaching staff room while few classrooms also partially damaged.

Residential houses of Punya Prasad Bhattarai (58), s/o (L) Hari Prasad Bhattarai; Loknath Rizal (53), s/o (L) Kuber Rizal; Prakash Karki (27), s/o Balakrishna Karki; Bhim Bahadur Karki (57), s/o (L) Bhan Bahadur Karki; Padam Prasad Dahal (60), s/o (L) Kharka Prasad Dahal; Bhim Poudel (51), s/o Til Bahadur Poudel; Lal Bahadur Dahal (48) and Saraswati Gautam (65), w/o (L) Raghunath Gautam were freshly damaged during tremor yesterday night at Upper Kalapahar.

Ghaneshyam Bhattarai, General Secretary, Upper Kalapahar Gorkha Youth Club said that several houses among many others seems to be partially damaged but the severe cracks which developed on the walls and floors have every chances to collapsed wholly at any moment.

He also pointed out that there are many others partially damaged houses during the January 4 Earthquake which have been further damaged yesterday night.

He further said that Parsuram Naupane 38, son of Krishna Naupane and Man Bahadur Poudel, 56, son of Late Diliram Poudel of Upper Kalapahar whose houses had been completely damaged during the January 4 Earthquake were unfortunately failed to assisted disaster response fund distributed recently while necessary formalities have been evidently completed.

They shelters in a makeshift house constructed nearby their damaged residence till today, he added.

The youth club leader also appeals the concern authority to send a team for spot inquiry at the earliest so as to help the helpless residents of the village in availing the disaster response fund.

It has also been reported that one house at Songpehjang village and equal number at Hengbung village, Jangmol village, Kangpokpi Ward No.7 were also affected in the tremor while around 5 houses from Kangpokpi Ward No.14 (Kholmun) has been reported damaged.

ADC Kangpokpi is working hard to find out the accurate details reports of the damage.



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