Chandel Naga body warns stir over NFSA rice quota


IMPHAL, May 31: Chandel village chiefs have threatened to take democratic protests if the exact quantity of rice sanctioned under National Food Security Act for Chandel constituency fails to reach the district.

The excuse of shortage of rice meant for Chandel is due to the alleged 30 percent tax levied by valley based underground groups has failed to convince the Naga Chief Association Chandel District.

In a press statement, the association warned of launching any type of democratic protest or filing court case if the demand is not met within June 3.

It said, the contractor/transporter as for Chandel-41 AC/ST is Ibomcha Singh who is assisted by Ng Joychandra Monsang, agent Japhou Centre.

Ng Joychandra has borne all the expenditure of transportation from Sangaiprou to godown at Chandel and Chakpikarong. There is no sanction of transportation charges till Chandel and Chakpikarong godown.

As there is no sanctioned of transportation and labour charges from the main godown to all the Fair Price Shop cluster/centre, transportation and labour charges from Chandel and Chakpikarong godown to all the FPS cluster/centre should be borne by the respective agents of FPS cluster/zones, the association pointed out.

It said when the rice reached Chandel and Chakpikarong, the price rose to Rs 4.5 per kg so it is very difficult for sale at Rs 3 per kg and distribution of 5 kgs per beneficiaries as per the rules under NFSA.

The association wondered how come the Deputy Commissioner Chandel did not know who Ibomcha is and who have authorized him as the contractor of Chandel and the reasons why the quantity of rice under NFSA meant for Chandel has not reached accordingly.


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