CorCom sends out May Day wishes


IMPHAL, April 30: The CorCom, called for unity among the farmers and working classes of the state on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day, on May 1, a day celebrated around the Globe as May Day.

A press release said this unity is vital in uplifting the economy of any nation. Every nation can do without the rich elite, but none can do without the workers and farmers, the release added.

This is proof enough that farmers and workers are the foundation of any nation even though they as individuals may appear poor and insignificant in terms of contribution to the economy of the nation.

But they get exploited by others more privileged, with the result that farmers who grow food are left with little to meet their ends and workers who make cars cannot afford to ride cars, the release said.

Giving a brief history of the workers day, the release said it commemorates an uprising in the 19th Century in the United States of America.

For Manipur, the release further said, the movement can be said to have been flagged off in 1939, when on May 1 in that year, revolutionary leader, Hijam Irabot, lead a workers’ rally and went through the residential compound of the then Political Agent, Jimson at Moirangkhom.

The release called for all workers in the state, both in the public as well as private sector to build up a new and progressive work culture.


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