JCILPS warns of launching intensified stir


IMPHAL, May 17: Decrying the alleged delaying tactics of the State Government with regard to the popular demand for enactment of Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) or a similar mechanism in Manipur, the JCILPS has warned that they are prepared to launch intense modes of agitation within the next few days.
Speaking to media persons at their Sega Road office today, JCILPS convenor Khomdram Ratan accused the State Government of doing nothing to get the President’s assent to the three Bills passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly although it has been eight months since the Bills were passed.
front_JCILPS-735x380Decrying the State Government’s alleged anti-people stance, Ratan reminded that the historic civil movement of June 2001 was a result of the Government’s failure to act in tune with the people’s sentiment and aspirations.
The JCILPS and the people are all prepared to carry on sustained and relentless movements until the popular demand is fulfilled.
People’s grievances would only multiplty if the Government undermines people’s aspirations and the general public would be constrained to launch intense form of agitations.
The Government should not commit the blunder of prioritising the IMC polls over the popular movement for protection of indigenous people.
However, it appears that the Government is more concerned with the IMC polls.
Going to Delhi and returning empty-handed would only infuriate the masses, asserted Ratan while urging the Government and all political parties to work with sincerity and commitment for protection of indigenous people.
Enforcement of ILPS or a similar mechanism can protect the indigenous people of both the valley and the hills of Manipur from the onslaught of incessant influx.
More than 10 lakh non-local people are residing across the State and there is no let up in the influx. As such, there is urgent need to check this influx, asserted the JCILPS convenor.
Calling upon all the people to stand united on the common issue, he said that JCILPS has its door wide open for dialogues with any groups who have misgivings and apprehensions about the popular demand.
Expressing deep sorrow over the death of nine people at Churachandpur, Ratan said that JCILPS is keen to resolve the matter without leaving any room for ambiguity.
He further appealed to all the people not to organise any form of entertainment programmes while the mass agitation is going on over the ILPS issue.
He appealed to all supporters of the mass protest movements to relax the agitation for medical services, water supply, power, religious activities and media.
One JCILPS leader decried that the Government has not yet removed outsiders who have been enlisted in the State’s electoral roll even though the Government was approached to remove the outsiders from the electoral roll ahead of the IMC polls scheduled on June 2.
As such, JCILPS would be constrained to ban the election, he added.


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