Manipur BJP president Chaoba claims Muslim religious leaders swore in the name of Quran not to back Ibobi


IMPHAL, April 30: After 14 years of alleged deprivation of people’s rights by Chief Minister Okram Ibobi, tolerance of the people in Thoubal constituency has reached a flash point, and they are preparing to clip the wings of Chief Minister Okram ibobi, BJP Manipur Pradesh President, Th. Chaoba claimed at a simple reception ceremony of all Leishangthem gram panchayat, including upa pradhan and 12 ward members at BJP office Nityaipatchuthek.

Th Chaoba further said that in the last few days some minority communities who were one of the Ibobi wings, has abandoned his camp and joined BJP.

He also said the Leishangthem Gram Panchayat has also joined the BJP which means the other wing of Ibobi has also been chopped.

He said the plight of the people in the Chief Minister’s constituency is abysmal, marked by worsening condition of road communication, lack of potable water, irrigation failure in field in Moijing, Khekman and Leishangthem village, etc.

Chaoba further said that in his last 14 years as Chief Minister, Ibobi has dumped these villages and contemned them to underdevelopment.

Muslims religious leaders are now rejecting this authoritarian leader and have decided to cut off their relationship with Okram Ibobi, Chaoba claimed.

He said aged persons have been neglected and their old age pensions have been withheld for all of the last three terms of Ibobi. He said now under Narendra Modi’s BJP government, every citizen will be delivered justice and this will include the removal of the Ibobi government.

Chaoba said this traditional stronghold of Ibobi has now joined the BJP. Leishangthem consists of nine polling station and about 6000 voter, Moijing more than 5000 voters have decided to support BJP inspirational candidate, L Bhim in coming election to defeat Okram Ibobi, he claimed.

Meanwhile, Th Chaoba alleged that Okram Ibobi and his workers have threaten BJP aspirant candidate L Bhim Singh recently and even assaulted BJP workers in the constituency. In this regard, L Shim Singh has asked the state BJP to provide security for him. BJP will apprise the matter to the Central BJP leadership very soon, he said.

The Thoubal Leishangthem Gram Panchayat members who have joined BJP recently are identified as Y Indira Upa Pradhan, S Romen Memebr Ward No: 1, L Manileima member of Ward No: 2, L Shyam Ward No: 3, N Sanahal Ward No: 4, L Singhajit Ward No: 5, N Babuyai member Ward No: 6, T Jibon Ward No: 10, T Yaima Ward No: 11, Th Lukamani Devi Ward No: 13, Th Manao Ward No: 15 and Md Abdul Majid Ward No: 16.


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