Manipur Labour Corps to feature at museum exhibition in UK


Manipur Labour Corps in WW1 to be featured in an exhibition in Alfrod Manor House Museum, Alford Lincolnshire, UK.
Informing about the exhibition, Sarah Teesdale, a volunteer reasearcher and Trustee of Alford Manor House Museum, Alford Lincolnshire said in a release that men from Manipur, who worked in the Labour Corps shall be featured in a WW1 commemorative exhibition to be opened in 2017 in Alfrod Manor House Museum.

“I plan to feature Manipur in the 2017 installation. John Comyn Higgins – political agent in Manipur – was from Alford and the family was very closely tied to the Manor House,” informed Sarah.

Higgins was instrumental in suppressing a rebellion of the Kuki tribes, which was connected to the use of their men in the Labour Corps. William Pertwee, a missionary who went to school with Higgins was involved, along with Higgins in the recruitment of the men to the labour Corps.

“To date my research has been limited to reading background information on Manipur to provide some context for my research into Higgins. I shall be collecting information from Yumnam Rajeshwor Singh of Manipur on the Manipur side of the story and datas,” said the researcher.

She is also planning to visit various archives which hold Higgins personal and official diaries to gain an insight into the War from his perspective in Manipur.