New education minister vows to uphold rules


IMPHAL, May 13: Education minister Dr Kh Ratankumar has today vowed that he will not engage in any activity which will result in harmful effect to the education sector.

The minister made the statement while speaking at a function in connection with the inauguration of Women’s Hostel and Indoor Hall at NG College which was organised by the college development committee.

He stated that the pending issues of education sectors will be identified and solution will be search after understanding the reasons why they have been kept pending for so long. He reminded that teachers have an important role in uplifting the education sector. He added that instead of holding demonstration or agitation over any king of dissatisfaction, it will be better to try to solve the problem by sitting across the table.

He appealed to the teachers’ community to employ innovative tactics with the goal of drawing the attention of the students and inculcating habits to attend classes regularly.

Declaring his empathy for the grievances of the teachers, the minister stated that he had started his career in the education sector and taught for 15 years. He said he understand the problems faced by the teachers in order to meet the demands of family and extreme labour to improve the education quality. He promised all possible help for improvement of the welfare of teachers and promotion of education sector.


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