Waiting for response from Delhi All round trust deficit


Not clear how the Centre will respond to the proposal of the State Government with regard to the three Bills, but the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has already made its stand clear. To demonstrate that it means business it has intensified its stir and locked the offices of the JD (U) and the CPI. On the other hand is the Churachandpur JAC and the United Naga Council which have strongly opposed the three Bills with the former clamping a 48 hours bandh in the hill districts some days back. Moreover there is nothing to indicate that the bodies of the nine people killed at Churachandpur will be claimed any day soon. So three Bills which have been passed ostensibly to protect the indigenous people of the land have driven the people apart sharply and there is nothing much to show that some efforts are being made to arrive at a meeting point. This is unfortunate. What is stopping the people from talking things over and explore where a point of agreement can be reached ? Each side sticking to its own stand and this demonstrates the deep trust deficit among the local people. The interesting part is though no one knows how Delhi will respond to the three Bills, the divide amongst the people over the said Bills is so deep that calls have already been rung out for separate administration for the hill districts. Time to proceed beyond the old slogan of hills and valley are one and seriously study how people to people contact can be promoted.
As the majority community, the Meiteis should initiate the first move. And it is important to acknowledge that this has to go beyond the community Ningol Chakkouba witnessed every year. Do some serious self introspection and see how and why the deep distrust took roots. Correct the wrongs of history. So while the agitation rages on in Imphal and other parts of the valley area, Chief Minister O Ibobi and representatives from the other political parties must be racking their brains out on how to present their case before Delhi. The question is what will happen if Delhi rejects the Bills ? Moreover how will the hill districts respond if Delhi gives the go ahead signal to enact the three Bills ? The future certainly looks bleak for the place and the people. Apart from the deep divide and all round trust deficit amongst the people, what is disturbing to note is the involvement of school children in the movement for the Bills. Time to give some thoughts on whether it is advisable to let young students get involved in issues which should ideally be addressed to by the seniors. Or if students are to be mobilised at all then why not shift focus from schools to the colleges and at the university level ?


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