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Dearth of pharmacies at JNIMS

IMPHAL, Jun 4: Lack of adequate pharmacies and medical stores within Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) campus and nearby areas has been causing trouble to patient parties of both emergency services and in house patients.

Patient parties have complained that due to unavailability of 24 hour service pharmacy or medical stores patient parties sometimes had to run to RIMS during odd hours.

The situation is more problematic during emergency at night time and when there is rain since there are no nearby pharmacies.

They have appealed to the Chief Minister O Ibobi who is also Chairman of the governing body of JNIMS to look into the inconveniences and problems faced by patient parties.

They further said it may be bad for the prestige of the hospital if someone’s life is lost due to unavailability of medicines on time.



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