Repoll in Yaiskul polling station after disappearing act of inner agents


IMPHAL, June 2: Re-poll has been declared for polling station number 14/8 Yaiskul Sougaijam Leirak by the election commission said a late report of the DIPR.

The declaration came following complaint lodged by the BJP Manipur for allegedly conducting maximum proxy by rival congress candidate supporters.

The voting process in the particular polling station halted for over one hour as inner agents of congress’s rival staged a walk out for alleged proxy voting.

On receiving the reports a team of media persons rushed to the area and found the voting process halted.

According to the presiding officers posted there, the two inner agents of BJP and LJP, left the room without informing the officials and failed to return leaving only a congress agent alone.

Subsequently, the voting process had to be stopped, he said.

As the news spreads the concerned SDO arrived at the spot to take stock of the situation.

After assessing the situation the concerned RO gave a green signal resume the voting process after making an announcement (using loud speaker) to the concerned party who staged the walkout to return to their station.

As announced by the presiding officer, the voting resumed at 2.30 pm with only an inner agent of congress candidate, much to the dismay of the BJP, LJP supporters.

In the meantime, the Imphal DC also arrived at the scene.

By the time the voting process came to a halt, the voters turn out was recorded as 71 percent (by 1pm) of the total 583 votes.

On the other hand, BJP leaders including its president, MLA Kh Joykishan also reportedly rushed to the polling station.


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