Anomalies plague highway construction works


HighwayIMPHAL, Jul 26: A sum of Rs 6,47,72,818 claimed to be deposited as performance bank guarantee and additional performance bank guarantee by M/s Raghava Construction, a Hyderabad based work agency engaged in different works including Mao-Maram-Imphal section and Imphal-Moreh section of NH-39 went reportedly “missing.”
It has been suspected that the gaffe might have occurred due to negligence of the Public Works Department officials.
A reliable source said that M/s Raghava Construction was engaged in black-topping of Koubru Leikha-Tendong-yan ( 287 km to 304  km) stretch of Mao-Maram-Imphal section of NH-39; and expansion, black-topping and construction of road median along Manipur University Gate-Lilong bridge (326.6 km- 330.15 km) stretch of Imphal-Moreh section of NH-39.
The estimated amount for the first work is Rs 33,07,89,831.82 while the estimated cost of the second work is Rs 26,90,27,435.
The performance bank guarantee for the first work is Rs 1,36,45,126 while the additional performance bank guarantee for the same work is Rs 2,23,28,314, the source said.
The performance bank guarantee for the second work is Rs 1,11,24,276 while the additional bank guarantee amount is Rs 1,76,75,102. The total amount of Rs 6,47,72,818 was supposed to be deposited in the bank.
In case the work agency left the works unfinished, the PWD should complete the work with the deposited amount. As such, the work orders were issued after the agency submitted relevant documents that testified deposition of the amount in the bank, the source maintained.
The agency began both the works in September last year. The works were to be completed within 24 months. However, the road development works were stopped after sometime. As of now, there is no sign of completing the works.
Due to pressure from the public regarding the incompletion of the works in the wake of increased incidents of road mishaps along the MU Main Gate-Lilong bridge, the Govt has asked the PWD to furnish details of the works and the reasons for suspension of the works, it said.
Responding to the queries from the Govt, the PWD prepared a report about the works and in the process it was learnt that the work agency concerned had not deposited the requisite performance bank guarantee and additional performance bank guarantee, the source said.
Surprisingly, M/s Raghava Construction had submitted documents relating to the deposition of performance bank guarantee and additional bank guarantee amount at Manipur Rural Bank to the then Additional CE, National Highway Division.
SE of PWD (National Highway Circle) wrote to the Chairman of Manipur Rural Bank (MRB) to furnish the details of the amount deposited by the work agency for verification. However, the Chairman of MRB replied that the bank had not given any document about the M/s Raghava Construction depositing performing bank guarantee and additional performing bank guarantee at the bank, it added.
It may be mentioned that there has been instance where the PWD issued fresh tender notice after it came across that bank guarantee documents for a particular work turned out to be a counterfeit one during a verification conducted by the Dept before awarding a work order.


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