“AR not responsible for death of Ashang Khullen resident”


IMPHAL, July 4: Reacting to the recent news reports published in two local dailies alleging that 17 Assam Rifles personnel had detained an injured person namely Malungmi Ringyami, PRO IGAR (S) clarified that the reports are completely “false” and “baseless”.

According to a press release of the PRO, on June 18 at around 10 pm, three locals of Ashang Khullen including Ramkating Hungyo, son of the village chief, came to COB Kasong of 17 AR with the injured person Malungam Ringyami, son of Isaac Hungyo of K Ashang Khullen and requested for medical assistance.

They were guided to the MI Room and since the Gypsy in which they were travelling got stuck on the upslope, it was pushed by troops on duty and the injured person reached MI room at around 10. 20 pm, it narrated.

The release said the Medical Officer who had already reached there, immediately attended to the victim providing him emergency medical aid besides administering IV Fluids, pain killers and Hemostatic injection to stop internal bleeding.

The victim had multiple gunshot wounds to his left arm and chest, and was pale due to severe blood loss. The other vitals also being critical, the Medical Officer advised the villagers to take the victim to Imphal immediately. The victim left for Imphal from the COB at 10. 45 pm and it was later learnt that unfortunately the victim succumbed to his injuries before reaching the hospital at Imphal. Next day while returning with the mortal remains, Ramkating Hungyo expressed gratitude to the Assam Rifles for the aid provided by its personnel, it said.

Claiming that the allegations about detention by Kasong COB in the newspaper reports are entirely fabricated, it stated that the villagers themselves requested for medical assistance which was provided in good faith.

The release further clarified that there was no delay imposed by the Assam Rifles and speedy emergency medical aid was provided to the patient before evacuating him to Imphal.

It mentioned that accident cases require fastest care and rescue which could be provided by those closest to the scene of accident to enhance the chances of survival. The false and baseless allegations now being raised by Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) seem to be with the malafide intent to garner compensation for the loss of life which happened due to self–inflicted wound. This malicious propaganda is also a desperate attempt by some miscreants to pressurize the Assam Rifles unit to remove the vehicle check post at Kasongso as to give them a free run for their nefarious activities and smuggling, PRO IGAR (S) said in the press release.


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