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EEVFAM hails Supreme Court decision

IMPHAL, July 8: The Extra-judicial Execution Victim Families Association has hailed the Supreme Court partial verdict that stated that armed forces personnel and police cannot use excessive or retaliatory force in disturbed areas.

Addressing a press briefing at its office today, president of EEVFAM Takhellambam Renu said that the verdict from the Supreme Court has come after a long wait of many years and the good news has reinforced their belief that they will get justice from the apex court.

She said a SIT team should be constituted to investigate the 1528 cases of extra-judicial killings which were reported to the Supreme Court by the association. We like to continue further process in association with HRA on any decision taken by the Supreme Court.

Renu further said that the real judgement has not been delivered yet and many people in the state are anxiously waiting seven years justice for the death of their fathers, husbands and sons who were killed by the security personnel in fake encounters.

Babloo Loitongbam, the director of Human Rights Alert, told media persons that the news published in national media about fresh probes on 1528 fake encounter cases as per an order by the Supreme Court is very welcomed.

However, there is no clarity about the nature of the probe whether it will be on the basis of the finding of the Santosh Hegde committee report or otherwise. So, we are waiting for more specific information and we will be happy to comment after seeing the official judgment, Babloo said.

Babloo further expressed his wishes that proper criminal investigation of all 1528 cases be done by an independent body which is not under the influence of state or Central governments and announcement of verdict based on the merits of the cases. For this reason, we have requested the court to institute a special investigation team headed by a person of impeccable integrity, he added.

“We were very happy on the way the Supreme Court had conducted the earlier inquiry headed by Santosh Hegde. We want a similar kind of investigation from a special team and we are looking forward to the Supreme Court, said Babloo.



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