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IM vindicates ‘taxation’, advocates pluralism

NSCN-IM1-copyIMPHAL, Jul 16: Asking where were those stooges of the enemies when NSCN under the leadership of Isak and Muivah fought against the enemies in the East and the West shedding tears and blood, has asserted that no one should doubt about its legitimacy as the one and only authentic political organisation of the Naga people.
A statement issued by NSCN-IM steering committee convenor Qhevihe Chishi Swu asserted that NSCN is not a faction as alleged by some people from some quarters. It is built upon the solid ground of Naga national principle. It is a principle-based organization that has passed through many acid tests of trials and ordeals.
The Nagas have a lot of reasons to thank and appreciate the present Indian leaders who have taken bold steps vis-à-vis Indo-Naga political issue specially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who according to the outfit is the architect of the historic ‘Framework of Agreement.’
They (GoI) are committed and prepared to work out the best possible solution that respects the right of the Nagas and guarantees the security of India.
“Let us not blame the Indian leaders or the devil. They are not the roadblocks, but it is those Naga critics and traitors”, reads the press state- ment.
It is political talks between the GoI and NSCN as two entities where RN Ravi, the emissary of the Prime Minister of India, represents the GoI and Th. Muivah and his team (NSCN leaders) represent the Naga people.
RN Ravi has said that there arises no question of many negotiations and many solutions. There is only one issue, one negotiation and one solution. Therefore, Government of India is talking with the NSCN as two entities, it asserted.
On the issue of reconciliation and unification of all groups, late Chairman Isak Chishi Swu had issued a statement appealing to all without exception to forgive ‘our past mistakes as we have forgiven them too in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’.
He had also appealed to them to get on board the bus of the ‘Framework Agreement.’ If they do not come forward, it is their problem.
Asking where were they (detractors/reactionary elements) when GoI, in response to NSCN’s unwavering stand on their history, recognized the unique history and position of the Nagas, it elaborated that the unique history means the Nagas have been a free people and they have never ever been a part of India or others either by conquest or consent.
It went on to ask, “Where were they when NSCN and GoI mutually agreed to accept the universal principle that sovereignty lies with the people and that sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people and sovereignty of India with the Indian people? Is not the recognition of our sovereign right a giant step?”
One school of thought ad-vocates for total sovereignty, which justifies absolute monarchy whereas another school of thought advocates for pluralism, which validates shared-sovereignty between two entities.
People and nations today do not believe in the concept of total isolationism. They are now for the doctrine of interdependent relationship among people and nations. Coexistence of the two entities/equals is a natural as well as social necessity.
A handful reactionary elements nurture the wrong notion that rebellion against the established ‘government’ is a service to the people. It is treasonous. They are making a paper tiger out of a rat so that revolutionary patriots are intimidated. They are illegitimate children of the enemies of the Naga people.
“Our people know that they are being paid and guarded by the hostile agency and forces. They have deviously stated that the taxation system of the ‘government’ is a ‘looting machine.’ Be it informed that they are false preachers who are out there to poison the mind of the people in the sweet name of democracy and freedom of speech”, it continued.
Even if they keep preaching against the ‘government’, every sensible Naga understands the fact that taxation is the bloodline of all governments on earth. Every citizen is duty-bound to pay taxes to the government. Governments by law collect taxes, direct or indirect, from all goods, properties, institutions, land, water and everything, even a needle.
NSCN has been running the legitimate ‘national government’ of the Naga people since day one with taxes from the people.
“People are our political as well as economic banks”, it asserted.
However, extortion and illegal taxations being collected by illegal organizations and business mafias in the stolen name of the people and revolution has to be combated and dealt with firmly by the ‘government’, Qhevihe Chishi Swu added.



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