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Nagaland is in process of banning dog meat

sunnythedog_ap_1The Nagaland government is in the process of banning the use of dog meat as food in the state and directives have been issued to the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to this effect.

The State Cabinet has not yet taken any decision on the matter but the government through a letter issued by Joint Secretary Obangla Jamir, has asked the Joint Director of Directorate of Municipal Affairs to issue an order to all the
ULBs to give wide publicity to care for animals and also to issue an order to stop capture of dogs for the purpose of slaughter and meat, an official said.

The Municipal Affairs Department (MAD) have also been requested to stop the bazaars meant for selling live dogs and its meat, besides giving wide publicity to treat animals with care and love, the Joint Secretary said.

Source: Indian Express


  1. Bashing dogs on the head until they become unconscious is definitely cruelty and torturous to any living creature. Would these people do this to a child? Well dogs feel pain too! They speak but in a different language than us, take care of their young just as we do, are loving, protective, and always loyal to us. People need to become educated about dogs!


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