NE 8 START UPs’, Budding entrepreneurs of Northeast India


startupNew Delhi, 21 July (ANI) – The unveiling of ‘Start-up India’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has bought lots of positivity among start up entrepreneurs across India.

Youth of the Northeast region recently came up with an exclusive start-up accelerator platform, ‘NE8 start ups’, to encourage start-ups, first-generation entrepreneurs and also to uplift the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region.

Recently, a seminar was that brought young entrepreneurs from across India, including the Northeast region.

Coordinators, with their own start up companies based in Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India, were present during the seminar, thereby, sharing their views and opinions and motivating youths to come forward with their start up ideas.

“My initiative now is that I have already partnered with NE8 start ups. I am already mentoring two Start ups from Northeast. I want to grab more attention of the start ups in NE and make them live in northern and southern market even in Silicon Valley, USA, because my website has got global attention”, said Devash Jain, Chief Editor, My Start up Story.

“If one person read what our website covers, he would go back , and say to his own people that this is a start up which is unique, that’s what we strive to do. It doesn’t matter that a start up could be of my interest, but his struggle could be of our interest. We are that seeding partner that would like to partner with all the NE8 start ups”, added Devash.

The NE 8 start up is operational across all states of Northeast India. Outreach centres have been set up in public- private partnership at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai where lot of entrepreneurs from NE region are settled.

Further speaking to ANI, a Start up evangelist in US hailing from Manipur Nickson Sharma said “We are talking about promoting start up ecosystem in NE India so the first step that we should take is to have more coding school in NE India so that more developers, designers can come up from the region and build more start ups.

“If we want to build a product for start ups, we need designer, coders and we need more of those besides any other occupation that we have in NE India. We need to focus more on bringing up our youth focusing more on the coding school”, he further added.

Founded by Riddhinil Roy, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of connective 8 plus, a campus dashboard platform, NE8 Start-ups has now grown to be a combined force of 15 core team members.

It is worth mentioning that Swapnanil Talukdar, an innovation Scholar, is also associated with NE8 Start-ups as an ambassador to help promote entrepreneurship.

“NE8 start up is all about focussing on the mainstream of entrepreneurship in Northeast. We four of us decided to start up and we hope NE8 goes viral and will definitely create some job opportunities for upcoming young entrepreneurs from the region. We basically have incubation centre, acceleration centre and foundation that would help young entrepreneurs in carrying forward their ideas”, said Debashish Kashyap, Advisor and VP-Outreach, NE8 Start-ups “We NE8 are basically emphasizing on job qualities, job opportunities and employment exchange that need to be increase in Northeast.

We are holding seminars in various places like Guwahati, Mumbai, and Delhi etc for better implementation of the project. NE8 have joined hands with young entrepreneurs from almost all parts of the country that would help us to grow better”, added Debashish.

Aman Bajaj, CEO- Jiffy Rooms, is also associated with NE8 Start ups who has helped in extensive outreach.

The NE8 start up is basically a platform for young entrepreneur, mentors and aspirants in the start up domain. The great initiative undertaken by the youths of the Northeast region is growing at a positive scale as entrepreneurs from different parts of India and budding start ups are joining hands.


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