NFSA complaints in Thoubal


THOUBAL, July 8: Apprehensions and outrage over the issue of National Food Security scheme beneficiaries not getting their entitled quantity of food grains under the scheme have also surfaced at the Chief Minister’s own assembly constituency Thoubal.

BJP state executive member Leitanthem Basanta alias Bhim has raised an issue claiming that distribution of food grains under the scheme in the constituency have violated accepted standards and rules.

Speaking at a press conference held at his residence, Basanta urged the concerned authorities to look into the issue.

He was accompanied by some beneficiaries of the scheme during the press conference.

The NFSA, he said, has been reduced to a mere joke in the constituency.

He alleged that none of the beneficiaries in Leisangthem Gram Panchayat are getting their entitled quantity of food grains.

Claiming that the beneficiaries have today raised their voice on the issue, he said the voice of the people should not be suppressed.

Distribution of the food grains voter-wise and not according to the intended beneficiaries is uncalled-for, he asserted demanding the authorities concerned to look into such unfair conduct even in the constituency of the Chief Minister.

He said the BJP will take the issue to the higher-ups and will not remain silent on the issue.

He continued, he has reports about rice bags for the month of May and June for the constituency being already transported from the FCI, however, the people are yet to receive the food grains.

He further charged the Chief Minister of denying PDS items to the people of the constituency for nine long years before the implementation of the NFSA.

He said the agents have been given a free hand.

Speaking at the press conference, one of the beneficiaries Leisangthem Shanti also asserted that the denial of food grains to the beneficiaries amounts to denial of their rights.

She said they have already met with the DSO Thoubal on the issue, but the official has failed to respond accurately.


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