69th Anniversary of Nagaland Independence Day Celebration: August 14, 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great day for the Naga people celebrating the 69th Anniversary of Nagaland Independence Declaration to the world on August 14, 1947. Naga people are always with the course of time in asserting their right without fear, that’s the blessing. Throughout the ages the Nagas protected their country and still continuing today.

Before 1947, Nagas and Indians hardly knew each other. But with the changing of times the Nagas under the visionary leader A.Z. Phizo led the Naga representatives and met all the Indian prominent leaders so as to understand each others position. The Nagas sought peace and harmony between Nagaland and India but India responded with war and brought divide and rule in Nagaland, and continued till today. A small nation surrounded by armed forces of a giant nation is unthinkable but it is going on between Nagaland and India.

The Nagas have gone through a horrific time during the war with India (1954 —1964). As the consequence of war the whole nation was shaken, many suffered, maimed and died. We shall always remember our people who sacrificed for the nation for you and for me, especially on this momentous day.

In the past, Nagaland was a self sufficient country and beggar unknown. People were happy, trusting and honest. No “tribalism” unlike the present day, it only started by the educated people who fight for jobs/salary with false pride. It is everyone’s duty to keep the country safe from evil and return to normality.

As believers in God through Jesus Christ no one should doubt His saving power that He will protect us and save our Nation from the enemy.

May God bless Nagaland. Urra Uvie.

Adinno Phizo
Naga National Council

Source: Morung Express


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