Tangkhul team reaches out to Myanmar villages


E-FRONT-__-RELIEF-MATERIALS-735x400E-FRONT-__-RELIEF-MATERIALS-735x400Ukhrul, Aug 28 : In immediate response to the initiative and call from the Council of Naga Affairs ( Myanmar) and Naga Students and Youth Federation, Myanmar, Tangkhuls from Manipur of Ukhrul district sent a team to the border villages where people have been struggling for survival due to the outbreak of Measles since June.
The Tangkhul team comprising of individuals from different walks of life under the banner “Tangkhul for Nagas in Myanmar” set out for the journey on August 23 and reached Lungvah village on August 25.
There they handed the relief material including medicine, nutritional food, clothes to the Naga Cultural Committee Myanmar (Yuya Committee in Burmese) at the residence of the chairman of Lungvah village in the presence of village leaders.
The Naga brethren from Myanmar while receiving the relief material elaborated on the prevailing condition of the area.
According to them the outbreak of the disease has claimed 44 lives and more than 1500 have been infected. The disease is yet to be controlled.
Khamla village under Nanyum township was first affected and Measles was clinically confirmed. Apart from Measles many children have been affected by diarrhoea while some are down with suspected Malaria.
The outbreak is despite the vaccination programme taken up by the Government of Myanmar, they said. The infected children were seen coughing out specks of blood, suffering from lose motion and rashes could be seen on their bodies. Many of them hardly survived a week.
The affected villages lie in remote areas and there are no motorable roads connecting these places with the rest of Myanmar. As such, relief from the international community is still awaited even though teams from WHO have already arrived at the affected villages to take the stock of the prevailing situation.
According to the villagers, Measles outbreak was first reported from Khamla village and added that now it has rapidly spread to 7 neighbouring villages namely Thangkholoma, Chuiyo, Kallan, Keisan Rokho, Keisam, Kallan Longchan. Even today it is still spreading they said and added that there are chances of the disease spreading to the border villages on the Indian side, especially Konyak villages.
Thangkholoma village has recorded the maximum number of deaths of young children due to the disease.
The Government hospital at Lahe township has limited medical staff and doctors and nurses were temporarily stationed at Thangkholoma who administered the whole area.
The Tangkhul team in coordination with Eastern Naga Students Association, Myanmar and Konyak Union (KU) of Nagaland delivered the relief items.
Naga Cultural Committee (Naga Yuya) expressed gratitude to the visiting team for the concern shown.
Konyak Union president Manlip commended the visit of the Tangkhul team and added that such a gesture can go a long way in strengthening the relationship between Nagas beyond the border.
Manlip also issued a clarion call to free children from Measles.


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