Toying with the future of young people Don’t target the public


Conduct a recruitment test, keep the result in abeyance for three years and then announce that the recruitment process stands cancelled. This is nothing but toying with the future of thousands of young people but this however does not call for the large scale disruption to public life in the last few days. From the economic blockade, which resulted in many trucks attacked on the National Highway including the life threatening injuries that an oil tanker driver had to suffer, to the violent stand off at Singjamei to now the indefinite Statewide bandh, the JAC of All Manipur Written Test Successful Candidates of Police Constable (Male), 2013 needs a rethink on their strategy. They have already delivered their point and it will now no longer make any sense to subject the people to more suffering. Stop taking to the streets to lodge their complaint and instead think of other means to get their grievances addressed to. Drag the Government to the Court and fight the case there instead of adding to the woes of the common people. Remember the indefinite bandh is not going to hurt the people in corridors of power or to put it more precisely, it is not going to hurt the interests of those directly responsible for cancelling the recruitment exam. This is a point which should register in the minds of the aggrieved people.
In cancelling the 2013 recruitment test, the State Government merely said that there were too many loopholes in the process failing to spell out the specifics. If there were any shortcomings, has anyone been nailed ? This is a question which the State Government should answer. After all it is about the future of thousands of young people. Or is it because other considerations were seen being taken into account in the selection process ? If yes then why has no whip been cracked till now ? Something is seriously wrong. If the Government cannot even conduct a test to recruit police constables, then how can it be trusted to deal with the other pressing issues of the State ? The MPP and the BJP have already spoken out their mind on the issue and let others too speak out. The Government on its part will most likely prefer to keep silent but let it be clear that the time has come to deal with the situation where everything has been reduced to a big bazar. Jobs cannot be on sale and cancelling a recruitment test after even the viva voce has been held is something which cannot be tolerated. On the other hand the aggrieved candidates too should acknowledge that it makes absolutely no sense to make the people suffer. Take the case to the Court.


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