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2 villagers missing from army custody

Two Karbi villagers, who were picked up by the Indian army while they were preparing to perform the last rites of one of their family member, has allegedly went missing from their custody sparking outrage and tension among the local population in Dokmoka area. Villagers have identified the two as Longki Hanse (30 years) and Gandhi Engti of Nolaso Sarthe Rongpi village.
They were picked by the Dokmoka-based Indian Army on the night of October 1, 2016, according to report published by a local daily.
Several women marched to the Army camp at Dokmoka and demanded the release of the two innocent men Sunday. They informed media persons that Longki Hanse along with brother-in-law Gandhi Engti was preparing for the funeral of his mother when they were picked up by the Indian army last night. “The army also took away, the dead person from our village, due to this incident, the funeral had to be deferred indefinitely and now we are waiting for their release,” said another woman.
The situation got tense when the women failed to locate the two men in Dokmoka PHC, Lorengthepi Police Outpost and Howraghat Police Station.
News Source: Nagaland Post



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