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Biren’s clarion call on Cong MLAs

Resign from the party instead of wagging tails like dogs

Resigned Congress MLA Nongthombam Biren Singh today called on Congress legislators to resign from the party as the Congress government failed to contain “lawlessness” and “state of anarchy.”

“None of the ministers in Okram Ibobi Singh government responds to the grievances of the people in the hill and plain,” Biren, who resigned from the membership of the Congress and Assembly earlier this month, charged while addressing a simple function organised to welcome him and Francis Ngajokpa with an interaction programme on the theme “a resurgent Manipur through political participation of youths and women” at Kwakeithel Moirangpurel community hall today.

Francis did not attend the programme. He sent a message saying his supporters visited him to appreciate his resignation from the Congress and MLA. Therefore, he couldn’t attend the programme, organizers of the function, Keishamthong Humanitarian Development Committee explained.

Biren said there is no governance in the state citing the case of police constable recruitment controversy.

Charging that the candidates are being treated as animals Biren slammed Ibobi government for “playing” with human lives. “In such conditions it is much better to resign from politics instead of acting like a dog under this government,” Biren appealed to his former colleagues.

“MLAs are allowed to meet the Chief Minister once a week. Such a system will never do well for Manipur. MLAs are frisked while entering Chief Minister’s office by his guards ignoring an MLA’s dignity,” Biren charged.

He went on to allege that MLAs are being treated like thieves, robbers or animals under Ibobi’s dictatorial style of functioning.

Biren said he was fed up with Congress since three-four years back and raised voice against the government’s failure in dealing with Churachandpur and ILP issue.

“The government circulated the draft ILP bill at 9 am to MLAs when it is to be tabled at 11 am of the same day in the Assembly,” Biren charged.

He accused the Ibobi government of giving a free hand to SoO groups while cadres of groups in peace process are being killed in custody.

“Given this situation, which UG groups will respond to the call for peace talks? The government is taking advantage on insurgency to earn more money,” alleged Biren.

“There is still time for the MLAs to quit Congress. Leave the party instead of behaving like a dog,” he appealed to Congress MLAs.

The 2017 election will be a turning point for state. The defeat of the Congress will bring unity among the hill and valley,” Biren said.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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