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There is women discrimination in Nagaland: NEN report

Nagaland State Commission for Women (NSCW) chairperson Temsula Ao on Friday launched a research report ‘Enquiry into the status of women in Nagaland’ conducted by North East Network (NEN). The study was done in three districts of Nagaland- Kohima, Phek and Kiphire.

In a function held at Hotel East Gate in Kohima, NEN Executive Director Dr. Monisha Behal said that there is women discrimination in Nagaland as per the study and research by the network and it often happen due to lack of institutional support. She reminded that the Constitution of India gives equal rights to all and the government should give support. She opined that women giving opportunity in the election to represent people would provide better governance as women know the ground reality problem face by the people.

Temsula Ao releases a research report ‘Enquiry into the status of women in Nagaland’ in Kohima on October 7. (Morung Photo).

Speaking on the occasion, Temsula congratulated NEN for their devoted and untiring work for producing path-breaking documents and also lauded the engagement of NEN through various activities and programme towards improving the status of women in the entire North East.

Appreciating the task of NEN Nagaland project, she said in spite of many hurdles the young researchers and field workers have accomplished a major task by meticulously documenting their findings in this monographs. She said it was just the beginning and should convert the enquiry into reality for Naga women to follow the directions advocated in the document and help the young visionaries of NEN in covering as many villages as possible in the near future.

NEN Programme Associate Hraveine David in her presentation the overview of the study on ‘Enquiry into the status of women in Nagaland’ gave detail report about the rationale, gender base discrimination, violence against women (VAW), scope of the study, objectives, analytical framework, key finding of the study and others.

SDO Sadar (Judicial) Neilozo Tep in his address said several domestic violence go unexposed or reported in Nagaland due to social issue. NEN Nagaland Programme Manager Wekoweu Tsuhah proposed vote of thanks.

News Source: Morung Express



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