CJNCSD Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum Demanding Unconditional Release Of The Two UNC Leaders And Immediate Withdrawal Of The Cabinet Decision To Form Seven New Districts


New Delhi, 12th December, 2016 – While strongly condemning the forceful creation of seven new districts, Jiribam, Kangpokpi, Tengnoupal, Pherzawl, Kakching, Noney and Kamjong despite staunch protest and opposition from the Nagas, the Joint Naga Civil Societies, Delhi (CJNCSD) today issues 48-hour ultimatumwith effect from 12.00 midnight today demanding unconditional release of the two incarcerated UNC leaders and immediate withdrawal of the Cabinet decision to form seven new districts and warns the State Government to face the compelling consequences and eventuality in case the demands are not fulfilled.

While the Naga areas are being rapidly militarised to terrorise and suppress the legitimate demands of the Nagas, the State Government has been championing brought daylight robbery, lawless violence and anarchy by instigating the counter-blockaders to vandalise, harass, torture and loot the innocent Naga civilian passengers.

CJNCSD hits out at the Government of India (GOI) and questions whether this is the solution that the GOI has promised to the Nagas in the historic Framework Agreement. The Indo-Naga conflict is a political conflict between two high contracting parties and the fate of the Nagas is to be dealt with the GOI’s prerogative alone. The Nagas will always stand for communal harmony, but regardless, they are compelled to defend their ancestral land, identity and nationhood against the aggressive anti-Naga politics being ruthlessly pursued by Ibobi Government. However, the shocking silence of the GOI on the issue till date speaks volume about its political insincerity. CJNCSD warns that the Nagas will not hesitate to resort to force again if compelled to and GOI alone shall be responsible for instigating such volatile ethnic situation within the Naga ancestral territory.

CJNCSD states that the political intent of the drastic decision to create seven new districts is simply to dissect the Nagas into pieces to make the anticipating Framework Agreement impossible and to grab the ancestral land of the Nagas forever in view of the fact that Meiteis cannot legally acquire tribal lands. Chandel District will be bifurcated into pieces, thereby isolating and segregating it from the rest of the Naga areas. This carved out junk of land of the Chandel Nagas will then be shelled out to the Kukis, thus, Tengnaopal District, by default will become the district of the Kukis.

Meanwhile, Meiteis will gradually encroach upto Kamjong District to take over the Tangkhul Naga areas. Sadar hills will slowly be expanded and the Nagas will lose ownership over their own ancestral land till Senapati District. The nature of the ethno-demographic distribution is also a deliberate design to reduce the Nagas to a mere minority group in all these districts. The Nagas will be shoved to the extreme corner and the Nagas by then will not be able to even flex their muscle or to move an inch. These newly created districts will then be completely militarised to exert full state authority with force and might. Thereafter, huge influx of population of various other ethnic groups into these new districts is inevitable to evict the Nagas and dominate their ancestral territory.

To make the matter worse, while playing such devastating political game, the State Government does not even consult the Nagas. The affected villages are not consulted. Public response and opinions were not invited. HAC, the constitutional mandate of the Hill Areas is not even taken into account. No District Re-organisation Commission was also constituted to submit detailed research report on the issue.

CJNCSD reiterates the stand of UNC, ANSAM and NSF that not even an inch of the Naga ancestral territory shall be touched upon, parted with, dissected, carved out, bartered, usurped or included in any of the new district formation. CJNCSD appeals the Nagas to stand firm with UNC and be prepared to meet any eventuality in defending their land, identity and culture tooth and nail to the end.


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