JDDC express gratitude to the Manipur Govt


img-20161209-wa0006The Jribam District Demand Committee (JDDC) expressed their paramount gratitude to the Chief Minister of Manipur O. Ibobi Singh and his led government for declaring Jiribam into full-fledged revenue district as well as all the agitation and the movement imposed by JDDC in connection of district demand has withdrawn immediately after the declaration of Jribam District.
img-20161209-wa0005Today, with the utmost happiness, men and women of all ages gathered at Jribam for receiving the district status of Jribam and performed traditional dance which was known as Thabal Chongba at the Irabot Triangular point and in front of Super market complex as well as at Gurlathol bazaar.
Expressing with pleasure the Advisor of JDDC, Mutum Hemanta Singh said that people of Jiribam eagerly awaited since long time for the district status of Jiribam which the government of Manipur fulfilled the demand and that the historic moments of Jiribam will be inscribe with the golden letter in the history of Jiribam.
Hemanta also applauded with heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Minister of Manipur O. Ibobi Singh and the local MLA of Jiribam as well as to all the people who were taking part in the movements of Jiribam District demand.
img-20161210-wa0002Thereafter, the co-convenor of JDDC Ibomcha Singh said that the JDDC and the people of Jiribam was much pleased to the government of Manipur for declaring Jiribam as a full-fledged revenue district. He also added that JDDC withdrawn all the agitation of district demand.
img-20161210-wa0008In that happiest occasion of Jiribam, the communist party of India (Marxist), Jiribam Local committee also expressed pleasure to the government of Manipur for the conversion of Jiribam Sub-division into full-fledged revenue district.
Meanwhile, on the telephonic conversation with IMPACT TV the President of Jiribam Block Congress Committee (BCCJ) Mr Mukul Chandra Das said that JBCC welcome the decision of Manipur government for fulfilling the legitimate demand of Jiribam people and also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Chief Minister of Manipur and the local MLA of Jiribam for their splendid work done in favour of Jiribam and JBCC will ever remain indebted to the present Manipur government for their remarkable decision for the interest of Jiribam populace.
While all the peoples and different organization of Jiribam expressed their pleasure, the All jiribam Working Journalists’ also shared their gratification on the declaration of Jiribam District by the O. Ibobi led government.



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