Manipuris in Delhi for promotion of state’s interest in the capital

AMJU and DMS meet in Delhi
The Joint meeting of AMJU and DMS in Delhi for promotion and highlighting of Manipur’s interest. Photo – AMJU

Delhi, 28 Dec 2016 : Manipuri Diasporas in Delhi have resolved to promote and highlight Manipur’s interest in Delhi. The Delhi Manipuri Society, DMS, an association of Manipuri residing in Delhi, having a membership of over 1500, stated this at a meeting with a delegate of All Manipur Working Journalist’s Union, AMWJU, currently in the capital, highlighting the Manipur situation as well as trying to source funds from central government for building the Press Housing Colony for the journalists in Manipur.

Sapam Biswajit Meitei, president of DMS, who works as the state government’s advocate in the Supreme Court said that the society has ‘decided to fill up the vacuum in terms of campaigning for the burning issues confronting the state for time-to-time.’ He asserted that in this age IT, unless there is active canvassing, any concept or viewpoint, would fail to reach out, resulting in the standpoint failing to muster support, no matter how genuine it maybe. AMWJU President, Wangkhemcha Shamjai, who led the delegate, appreciated the realization though he said is rather late and assured all cooperation to the Society in terms of media out-reach for the causes it seeks to promotion in the state’s interest. Appealing to the members of the Society to translate its resolve into action, Shamjai said it is about time that Manipuri civil societies based outside Manipur contribute their bit for their motherland and counter any attempts of misinformation regarding the state. Sangita Takhelmayum, a successful entrepreneur and a social activist, serving as vice-president is the main force behind new found commitment of the Diasporas. She lamented that Manipuri politicians and bureaucrats are never pro-active in highlighting and promoting Manipur in the capital whereas their counterparts of the neighbouring states accord utter importance to lobbying for the state. Sangita assured the AMWJU delegate that DMS will counter any misleading campaign against the Manipur’s interest as well as work towards bringing an inclusive Manipuri society in Delhi. She also added that besides being actively involved in the northeast helpline in addressing the grievances of the people for the region, she informed that she is currently offering financial assistance to BPL families from the region who come to Delhi for treatment through her NGO called, ‘ Fight U R NOT ALONE’ MDS also condemned the ongoing of the economic blockade in Manipur, terming it as a crime against humanity and asserted that it goes against the teachings and spirit of Christianity. It appealed to the United Naga Council, UNC, to discontinue the blockade and adopt some other peaceful and democratic means to pursue its demand and other civic amenities of all people including the voiceless Nagas who should not be trampled and their basic human rights protected. While neither appreciating and criticizing the state government for creating the 7 new districts, DMS appealed to the government not to shrink from its responsibility of maintaining law and order and shielding off the people, particularly ‘those under threat’ as a consequences of its decision. It affirmed that a strong administrative will, transparency, good governance, freedom for corruption are important ingredients for good administration rather than playing politics of new districts.

The joint meeting of AMWJU and DMS was held as part of AMWJU’s campaign to sensitize Delhi of the Manipuri situation and pursue the central government to act towards normalizing the crisis.


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