Playing blockade politics ahead of polls Scheduled talk with UNC


Centre chiding the State Government for failing to open National Highway-2, the route that connects the State to Dimapur and further, despite deputing a large number of security personnel. State Government telling for one and all to hear that enough pressure has not been mounted by the Centre on the United Naga Council via the NSCN (IM) to get the ongoing economic blockade lifted. On the surface both sides have their own merits. And it is at this point of time that the stand of the Transporters’ and Drivers’ Council (TDC) becomes relevant and extremely important. Would do well for all to listen to what the drivers have had to say. Not surprisingly their stand is a big no to taking NH-2 and herein lies a story, a story worth looking at with all the seriousness it deserves. Let it be very clear to Delhi that escorting heavily loaded trucks and fuel laden vehicles through this route is fraught with danger and the unseen and unpredictable. Also remember that NH-2 passes through the stronghold of the United Naga Council and any trucks trying to pass through this highway with security escorts will definitely come under heavy attack. If the goods laden trucks travelling with heavy security escorts along this route come under heavy attack, be sure that the security personnel will also retaliate and the outcome can only be imagined. It is this which the TDC wants to avoid and not risk their drivers passing through this extremely hazardous National Highway.

If the creation of the seven new districts, which has led to the current blockade, is seen as a political gamble played by the Congress Government  ahead of the Assembly election, then the stand of the Centre in urging the State Government to get NH-2 opened with the use of security personnel may also be seen as another political move ahead of the Assembly election. Either way it stinks. Moreover remember the people who will be out on the National Highway to enforce the blockade will be ordinary village folks, directed by the UNC and other ‘powerful organisations’ to do their bidding. The risk factor is high, very high and this is where the stand of the TDC becomes important.  Other than this, there is nothing much to suggest that the Centre has done anything to use its office and contact the UNC to get the blockade lifted. Caught in the middle of the politicking are the common people. It is against this background that the State Government, the UNC and the Centre will head towards the tripartite talk anytime in the future at New Delhi.  Gaidon Kamei and Shankhel Stephen have been jailed, but Kamei will lead the UNC delegates in the tripartite talk and with the UNC not showing any indication that the blockade may be lifted, the people will just have to wait and see how the scheduled talk proceeds.

Source: The Sangai Express


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